Art making feels spiritual, a process in which I lose track of time in a place I call home for a while. I make abstract mixed media paintings, drawings, and prints as well as portraits and wood sculptures. Consistently, my goal is to express an inner essence, an otherworldliness where cohesion and disintegration do their eternal balancing act.

Primarily a painter, I apply to surfaces a variety of paint, texture, and paper in an intuitive manner. What emerges is a free-associative mindscape of moving information, an integrated network of paint, drawing, and photographic images. I also work with weathered wood, rusted metal, and found objects “as is”- to create lyrical wall art and whimsical standing sculptures.

Early influences- Taoism, Jungian psychology, Duchamp and Dadaism- are at the core of my expression. Over the years, a symbolic language has emerged in which shape precedes meaning. A wishbone shape means “Hope,” a boat or shoe shape means “Quest.” “Loss” is a dark-hued hole; “Y” symbolizes “Choices.”

Today, working in Biofield Science as a certified energy health practitioner, concepts of subtle energy, connectivity, “as above, so below,” and spacetime inform my art making. I seek without seeking, a vibrational stillness, out there and within, a moment balanced in forever, for the viewer to experience alongside me.