In a one and a half hour session, this one-of-a-kind workshop, combines art and healing therapies to provide an optimal experience creating art. Participants leave with a “frame” able artwork and techniques that can help reduce stress and boost the immune system.

PMC CLAY (Precious Metal Clay)
Held in November and/or February, this workshop teaches you how to transform PMC clay into 100% pure silver jewelry easily in two four-hour afternoon/evening sessions. You will leave with assembled pieces ready for gift giving.

Winter is a good time to dream of warmer weather and design your sarong for the pool or beach. In two three-hour afternoon/evening sessions, you will learn to “draw” with wax on fabric to create a pattern or design. Held only at artGARAGE.

Sunlight and water transform this pre-treated silk scarf into your “blueprint” work of art. Create a theme using bits of nature from the woods or the shore or make your own hand-cut shapes.